You have probably dug through 8 folders and 3 email threads to find that one report you need.
You have re-edited your "final" report and already sent it 4 times for review via email. You have a ton of metadata that you labelled in hurry and now can't find it! But we are used to it, aren't we? was born out of frustration of every scientist who had to
spend hours of non-productive time in finding data, juggling through folders, stressed over poor labelled samples and managing the team.

Every bioscientist joined the industry out of pure passion but is unfortunately forced to deal with messy and unorganized lab practices.
We are here to cradle that passion and take away everything that makes your data management process troublesome. is here to provide every biologist what they deserve--Abundance of time to innovate and peace of mind!

We hope to make your lives easier. Check out the product. Let's create change.